Morph Trait: Striking Apperance


Cost: 10 (Level 1) or 20 (Level 2) CP

In an age where biosculpting is easy, good looks are both cheap and commonplace. This morph, however, possesses a physical look that can only be described as striking and unusual, but also somehow alluring and fascinating—even the gorgeous and chiseled glitterati take notice. On social skill tests where the character’s beauty may affect the outcome, they receive a +10 (for Level 1) or +20 (for Level 2) modifier. This modifier is ineffective against xenomorphs or those with the infolife or uplift backgrounds. This trait is only available to biomorphs.

This modifier may be purchased for uplift morphs, but at half the cost, and it is only effective against characters with that specific uplift background (i.e., neo-avians, neo-hominids, etc.).

The one drawback to this trait is that the character is more easily noticed and remembered.