Ego Trait: Beyond Legacy


The character's brain so old fashioned that it is beyond legacy compatibility of modern day technology. All the improvements made to the human genome in the last century that makes all the modern interfacing possible is lacking. As a result the character suffers severe limitations in interface.

This trait is more a storytelling mechanism than actual mechanical effects, but some effects are as follow

  • Severe penalty to all interface actions
    • Treat all interface attempts as if the character is using Heptic Interface
  • Significant resistance to all Hacking attempts against the character's ego
  • Near total resistance to all modern hacking tools
    • Including TITAN based Malwares
  • Cannot use any implants that works via the cortical stack/mesh to improve cognitive function
    • This does not apply to pure physical argumentations
  • Cannot use Active Skillware
    • Not sure if Knowledge Skillware can still be used
  • Any use of XP processes are severely limited