BF 40–20 (2180-2200 AD)

  • Violence and destabilization wrack the Earth; some conflicts spread into space.
  • Argonauts split from hypercorps, taking resources to autonomist habitats.
  • Space expansion opens up legal/ethical loopholes for tech development and allows for increased direct human experimentation.
  • Human cloning becomes possible and available in some areas.
  • Development of first transhuman species.
  • First dolphins and chimpanzees uplifted to sapience.
  • Fusion-drive spacecraft enter common usage.
  • Extended colonization and terraforming of Mars continues. Belt and Titan colonized. Stations established throughout the system.
  • The starving masses volunteer themselves for indentured servitude on hypercorp space projects.
  • Augmented reality becomes widespread.
  • Most networks transformed into selfrepairing mesh networks.
  • Personal AI aides become widespread.