The Fall (2220 AD)

  • It is speculated perhaps the people who interperted the Mayan Calender was juts off by 200 years
  • Simmering tensions on Earth escalate into outright hostilities and warfare.
  • The TITANs evolve from a high-level distributed netwar experiment into self-improving seed AIs. For the first few days, their existence is unsuspected. They advance their awareness, knowledge, and power exponentially, infiltrating the mesh both on Earth and around the system.
  • Large-scale netwar incursions break out between rival states on Earth, sparking numerous conflicts. These attacks are later blamed on the TITANs.
  • Massive netwar ensues and major systems crash as TITANs begin open attacks and wage war with autonomous machines.
  • Conflict quickly spirals out of control. The use of nuclear, biological, chemical, digital, and nanotech weapons reported by all sides.
  • TITANs engage in mass forced uploading of human minds.
  • TITAN attacks expand to other parts of solar system, heaviest on Luna and Mars. Numerous habitats fall.
  • TITANs suddenly disappear from the solar system, taking millions of uploaded minds with them.
  • The Earth is left a devastated wasteland, a patchwork of radiation hotspots, sterile zones, nanoswarm clouds, roaming war machines, and other unknown and hidden things among the ruins.