AF 11

  • After about a month of travel, Brendo and James arrived in Mars space onboard a Qutar Luxury Liner, QC926, operated by Pan Solar Universal Spaceways (more commonly referred to as Pan Sol).
  • Following Goddess' suggestions, Brendo and James hired some bodyguards for safety sake.
  • Then they tried to inquired on how to purchase a ship. Unfortunately without sponsorship (e.g high-rep or astronomical creds) they were told that it would be difficult (read impossible) for them to get the license required to operate space craft.
  • They started to work odds and end jobs in the mean time trying to find a way.
  • A barfight/mugging attempt [Need to be role-played still so we know how Combat works in the game system] landed the two into the crosshair of a body snatcher gang.
  • A kidnapper group cornered the two in their hotel room and disabled their morphs - with the goal of selling their infomorph into slavery and selling their l33t designer morphs on the black market.
  • During the Morph profile process the DNA sequence of the Morph triggered a secret signal.
  • Within 11 minutes the kidnappers are subdued by Triad enforcers and the stolen "property" of Xiong Chan (熊強) was recovered.
  • It didn't take long for the whole misunderstanding to sort itself out. James realized he is not as rootless as he thought. Even in this brave new dystopia he still have blood relations. Xiong Chan realized his great great great great great great grand uncle has returned from the dead.
  • Triad tradition is all about family and Xiong Chan offered his elder the chance to join the Triad as part of his outfit.
  • The two refused and remains as independent agent - though often handling Triad business.
  • Xiong Chan however was kind enough to use his considerable pull to get Brendo and James a business license as Freight Carrier, and even gotten them the inside track on the Bidding for the newest model transport that is released this year.
  • With James putting the only survivor of the Before Fall Printed Media of Count of Monte Cristo up as collateral they managed to gain a 0% APR on an 100 year loan - cosigned by one of Xiong Chan's shell corporations to make sure the bank stay honest.
  • In exchange for this favor however, James is "asked" to take a recently arrived socialite on a 1 day tour of the Mars resort. Little does James know that the socialite is the daughter of the head of a rival Triad Sect and a Singularity in her own right.
  • [End of Character Generation Session]