AF 0–10

  • A wormhole gateway is discovered on Saturn’s moon Pandora, presumably left by the TITANs. Four others are later found (in the Vulcanoids, on Mars, on a moon of Uranus, and in the Kuiper Belt); these are collectively referred to as “Pandora gates.”
  • Expeditions are sent to extrasolar worlds via the Pandora gates. Numerous exoplanet colonies established.
  • First contact with the aliens known as the Factors shocks the system. Claiming to act as ambassadors for other alien civilizations, they provide little information about life outside the solar system and warn transhumans away from both seed AI and the Pandora gates.
  • An attempt to raise a generation of children using force-grown clones and time-accelerated VR fails miserably when most die or go insane. Dubbed the Lost Generation, the survivors are viewed with repugnance and pity.