PSI Delta: PSI Blade


This power is Choi Ada (蔡少芬)'s unique PSI Stab. She can project from each arm (usually from the wrist or her closed fingers) a beam of purple energy that is only visible to those with Radiation Sense (or equilvant) Optics. It is functionally the same as a PSI Stab attack, but is sustained and has a range of 4'.

PSI TYPE: Active
DURATION: Sustained

ACTION: Complex

SKILL: Unarmed

PSI Sword is an sustained power that arguments her unarmed combat skill. It inflicts direct damage to the target's brain and nervous system. Each successful attack inflicts 1d10 + (WIL ÷ 10, round up) damage. Increase the damage by +5 if an Excellent Success (MoS of 30+) is scored.

  • Unlike other Sustained PSI Powers, this power does not impart a distraction penalty of -10 when sustained.
    • However the Character roll PSI Strain every minute the power is sustained
  • The Range of this attack is capped at 4' as it is a physical blade. It does not increase against a Async.
  • The Attack is also no longer "Touch" there for the +20 Attack bonus no longer apply
  • Beam of purple energy is only visible to those with Radiation Sense (or equilvant) Optics