James, Suai Ger (帅哥劍手), X.


Now James, "Sui Ger Jian Seo" (Handsome Swordsmen), Xiong is Triad Super Agent. Skill mainly focused on Figuring People Out, Negotiation, Favor Trading, Smuggling, and Kicking Ass if necessary



Active Goals

  • Track down David's Relatives and return the Leather Bound Collector's Edition of "The Count of Monte Cristo", unabridged
    • Goddess tracked down the last known location of David's descendant to the Megatropolis of Los Angeles of the New California Republic
      • They did not seem to have made it off planet, and is unknown if they - or their children - are still alive
    • James will be planning to break quarentine of Earth on the off chance they are still alive
      • James' own extended descendants and their remains have all successfully made it off
  • Visit Earth to get closure
    • David mentioned that we would need an entire group to sucessfully pull this off
    • A real magical sword awaits James on the planet
  • Be like Lord Genome: Might need to invent telekinetic PSI powers - PSI Epsilon and the corresponding PSI Trait (Lvl 4)
WxSmV.jpg MeST4.jpg zukFt.jpg B8yb8.jpg
  • Help Ling Min Mei (林明美) achieve finanicial and personal independence.
    • help her, along with her attending therapy, with her traumatic experience
      • James can use Academic:Psychology to do this himself, just need to succeed at a 40 hour task action.
    • help her start the "Nyan-Nyan" resturant
      • Start with a little food cart selling Buns at Nytrondheim
    • help her become a citizen somewhere
      • With the intervention of Xiong Chan (熊強) Min Mei is granted Mars Citizenship all that remains is for her to secure-sign™ the paperwork
  • Help the Mars underclass with their Morph Trait: Planned Obsolescence
    • Goddess revealed the plight of the Mars Biomorphs and the gene flaw deliberately implanted by the Hypercorps
  • Look into who was behind the blundering effort at either kidnapping or assassination of him at the Orbital Elevator

Goal Queue

  • Spent some time with the French Speaking Arabian Night-ish Nomade of Mars
  • Avoid ego corruption for Goddess
IWrGV.jpg NOnqm.jpg

Session Changes

Pre-Start Session 01

Character Changes

  • +1 P-Rep (Paragon Rep)

Gear Changes

  • Brendo's Credits: -15,000
  • Pan Sol™ Business Class Transport Ticket
  • Ling Min Mei (林明美)'s Indenture Contract
  • Pan Sol™ Cryo Cubical Transport Ticket x2
  • Pan Sol™ Micrograv Shoes

Muse: Goddess (Muse)


Previous Images
Old Image 01

Goddess is the Muse inflicted upon James, Suai Ger (帅哥劍手), X. during his resurrection process.

  • What?
    • The original "name" she was given when James's Ego was awoken, used for all of 10 minutes
  • Our Lord and Savior
    • Used once before James corrected it for Gender
  • Our Lady and Savior
    • Used for around 20 minutes before it was shortened to "Goddess"
  • Goddess
James' Notes on Goddess
  • Spunky, Vain, and Hyper-Competitive
  • James consider her more a partner and not as owner/master

[Character Generation]

  • Seems to have a fierce rivalry with Joan (Muse)
    • She seems particularly proud that James calls her Goddess and Joan is named after a mortal.
  • Her code for answers she is not allowed to say is "Move alone Citizen"
  • Goddess have been expressly forbidden from lying to or misleading James
  • Goddess have been expressly forbidden from censoring information fed to James

[Pre-Start Session 01]

  • Goddess was very supportive and overjoyed when James went out of his way to help Random Stranger.
  • Goddess tipped James off about the Shuttle Exploding out of sight
    • Joan did not tip Brendo off
  • It seems that Goddess and Joan are entirely different class of Muse than normal. Min Mei's muse is just a icon that goes Yes/No. It has no personality nor originality.
    • GM have confirmed to players that Goddess and Joan are more robust than typical AIs and that concealed in the player's Cortical stacks is a undetectable Ghost Rider Unit for the Muse AI.
Notable Skills
Notable Gear
  • GM have confirmed that the Player's Cortical Stack are skillfully modified with expanded storage. This module is where Goddess and Joan inhabit. They cannot fit in the Muse storage space of a Standard Cortical Stack.
    • The modifications are done in such a way that it is indistinguishable from a standard Cortical Stack on all but the most extensive diagnostics.
  • James, Suai Ger (帅哥劍手), X.'s Gratitude
  • Prospecting Morphs
    • Pleasure Pod: Already come with Puppet Sock, but has social stigma for being a pleasure pod.
    • Steel Morph: Still need a Puppet Sock installed, is a synthmorph (and all that it implies).
    • Sylph: Still need a Puppet Sock installed, beautiful morph, no disadvantages
    • Fury Still need a Puppet Sock installed, combat morph, aggressive - possibly requiring behavioral therapy (which is a no no)
    • Remade Still need a Puppet Sock installed, hard to come by, great aptitude maximum, require body sculpting to get rid of uncanny valley.

Ego Traits

Identity Traits

  • Identity: G-Rep 60 (Networking: Criminal)
  • Identity: Black Mark [Yet Undecided Social Group]: AI Sympathizer Lvl 2
  • Identity: Patron: Xiong Chan (熊強)

Morph Traits


Sexy MoFo is a one of a kind morph bulit using remade specs that exceeds all requirement for Gate Crashing and Environmental Survival. Since the morph is based on James' own genetic code it is obviously Asian in appearance with pale yellow tinted skin, brown eyes, and black hair. All the gene-enhancements however have done a thorough job eradicating all but the strongest facial features of James's original face. He still retain his forehead, chin, eyebrow, mustache pattern, but everything else is shifted.

The Morph is a hulking 6'4" column of muscle fine tuned to match even the strongest synthmorphs available over the counter. IT however is sculpted to be as "human-like" as its various enhancements would allow - which means it is still like an Olympic body builder of old, but not enough to be disturbing (No longer Uncanny Valley). In the world of Morphs it is actually blends in quite easily - at least at a distance.

In close range however, no one would mistake this morph as other than the product of a master craftsmen. Every detail of the morph is done with loving care, from the way each muscle is placed to even things such as eye movements and breathing patterns. All is Gestalt-ed to create an radiant aura of absolute confidence and towering masculinity.

Morph: Sexy MoFo (Self-Clone via Remade Morph Technology)

  • 6'4", incredibly bulk that was body sculpted to be as lean as possible
  • Natural Armor: 2/4 (Bioweave Armor [Light] (Bioware))
    • Total Starting Armor with his Armored Smart Clothing: 7/8 (Energy/Kinetic), additional +10 against fire and heat
    • +1/3 if wearing Second Skin Underwear (Body Suit)
    • +3/2 if activated Smart Skin (Chameleon Skin, normally non-reflective transparent)
    • Total:11/13 +10 against Fire and Heat
  • ignore the –10 modifier from 3 wound levels
  • +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation
  • Immune to Vaccum (Vacuum Sealing (Bioware))
  • Immune to infections
  • Immune to dental cavities
  • Immune to bad breath
  • Immune to all Chemical Toxins
  • Immune to all Biological Toxins
  • Lower all High Gravity Penalties by 1g
  • Tolerate Temperature from -75 to 100c with no ill effects
  • Safely and Comfortably Drink Salt Water
  • Safely and Comfortably Breath Smoke
  • Safely Eat Spoiled Food
  • Sweat has no scent
  • Produces less solid waste
  • Solid waste less odorous
  • can go for a century and possibly longer without regularly eating
    • A tiny bit of food consumption is still necessary to replace cells
    • A small food stash could literally be stretched out for years
    • vitamin and protein supplements would also be necessary for long-term health
  • Equilvant protection against gases as Light Vaccum Suit (Oxygen Reserve)
  • Comfortably live in both high and low pressure environments (0.2 to 5)
  • Hold Breath for 30 min when on minimal activity, 10 min when strenous activity (enhanced respiratory)
  • 3 Hours of Oxygen Reserve (for normal humans, does not include enhanced respiratory bonus)
  • Only requires 2 hours of sleep (normal people need 4)
  • Can fall asleep and wake up instantly.
  • Can operate on a 4 day schedule (96 hours on 4 hours of sleep with no ill-effects) [Endocrine Control + Circadian Regulation]
  • 3 min to enter or leave Hibernation. 5% consumption of air, water, food. Can safely hibernate for 40 days without food or water.
  • +10 DUR (Harden Skeleton, High G Adaptation)
  • +15 SOM (Harden Skeleton, Muscle Augmentation, High G Adaptation)
  • +1 Speed, another +1 or +2 at will, but +2 last 30 min but -20 to all actions for an hour after
  • +10 REF, another +10 at will
  • +20 Social Rolls when appearance apply
  • +10 Social Rolls when [Trustworthy & Attractive] pharamones apply
  • +20 modifier to Deception Tests (Endocrin Control)
    • This means he has a +50 bonus lying to people who are effected by his appearance
  • T-Ray (X-Ray) Vision for 100 meters
  • Ultrasonic sonar: 20 meters in air and 100 meters in water
  • Can sense/see all dangerous radiation
  • Can sense/see electric fields in 5m
  • See from Terahertz wave to gamma rays
  • vision have built in 5 power magnification
  • Hearing Range 2x Normal
  • Hearing Distance 5x Normal
  • Smell equal to a blood hound
  • Can identify people and chemicals by smell
  • +20 modifier to all Perception Tests involving hearing, smell, or sight
  • +20 to Perception/Kinestic test determing emotional states within 5 meters (Enhanced Smell)
  • +10 all repair, analyze, or modify electrical equipment (Electric Sense)
  • Innate sense of direction and distance
  • Can always retrace any route they have taken
  • only three-dimensional routes that lack navigational markers (such as deep space or undersea) apply a –30 modifier normal roll



Credits: 50
  • Leather Bound Collector's Edition of "The Count of Monte Cristo", unabridged
  • A Monofilament Sword, handcrafted in Chinese Sword Style
      • 49tRm.jpg
    • Standard Monofilament Sword: Though swords are rather archaic in the time of Eclipse Phase, a few eccentrics take advantage of modern versions with a self-sharpening near-monomolecular edge, easily capable of slicing through metal or limbs.
    • AP -4, DV 2d10 + 2 + (SOM ÷ 10), Average DV 13 + (SOM ÷ 10)
    • James has a carrier license for this weapon for inner system business trips
    • The Sword is usually carried across the back via a modular Harness, the main buckle of the harness is the Hive for his Smart Skin.
      • The Harness can rotate on the back allowing the sword to be drawn from left or right, above or below the shoulder.
  • A Set Smart Clothing, Smart clothing can change its color, texture, and even its cut, taking only a minute or two to transform from a solid color jumpsuit to a plaid party dress or a replica of a pinstriped, late 20th century business suit.
    • Total Armor: Armor +5/+4 (Energy/Kinetic), additional +10 against fire and heat
    • Normally in the form of a Gray Suit but can change in a few minutes. Some Alternatives: Dark Gray Suit, Chinese Outfit
      • GbQ5B.jpg Lan4N.jpg 7T25k.jpg
    • It can also camouflage the wearer, providing a +20 bonus to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen, as long as the wearer is stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk, and as long as the wearer is completely covered or also using chameleon skin (p. 303) of the same color/pattern. If incompletely camouflaged, or if moving faster, reduce the modifier to +10.
    • Smart clothing also keeps the character warm or cool, allowing the character to exist comfortably in environments from –40 to 70 C. [Low]
      • This insulation arguments James' natural Vaccum Seal by additional -20 and +30 degrees
    • Mod: Offensive Clothing [Low]: When activated, the outer layer of this armor is rigged to shock anyone or anything that contacts it with electricity. Treat as a shock attack, p. 204.
        • A biomorph struck with a shock weapon must make a DUR + Energy Armor Test (using their current DUR score, reduced by damage they have taken). If they fail, they immediately lose neuromuscular control, fall down, and are incapacitated for 1 Action Turn per 10 full points of MoF (minimum of 3 Action Turns). During this time they are stunned and incapable of taking any action, possibly convulsing, suffering vertigo, nausea, etc. After this period, they may act but they remain stunned and shaken, suffering a –30 modifier to all actions. This modifier reduces by 10 per minute (so –20 after 1 minute, –10 after 2 minutes, and no modifier after 3 minutes). Many shock weapons also inflict DV, which is handled as normal.
        • A biomorph that succeeds the DUR Test is still shocked but not incapacitated. They suffer half the listed DV and suffer a –30 modifier until the end of the next Action Turn. This modifier reduces by 10 per Action Turn. Modifiers from additional shocks are not cumulative, but will boost the modifier back to its maximum value.
    • Mod: Armored Clothing [Trivial]: +3/4 Armor
    • Mod: Fire-Proofing [Trivial]: Fireproofing includes the addition of fire-resistant layers, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. Fireproofing increases the Armor Value by +2/+0, and provides an additional 10 points of armor against heat or fire specifically
  • Second Skin:A lightweight white suit that doubles as underwear
    • Armor Rating: 1/3, may be worn with other armor without penalty
  • Smart Skin:The Nanomachine Hive is the Dull Silver Buckle on James' Sword Harness
    • Armor Rating: 3/2, may be worn with other armor without penalty
    • Mod: Chameleon Coating: This provides the armor with the same effect as the chameleon cloak (p. 315). This mainly so James does not appear all silvery and shinny when it is turned on. It essentially turns the Smart Skin transparent. However it can still used for all the normal functions of a Chameleon Cloak
      • Chameleon Cloak: This loose, poncho-like cloak contains a network of sensors that perceive wavelengths from microwave to ultra-violet. A similar network of miniature emitters precisely replicate the information its sensors receive, making the wearer seem transparent to those wavelengths. A chameleon cloak allows a character to effectively become invisible as long as they are stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk. When worn by someone moving faster, the cloak still provides a +30 modifier to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen or noticed. Chameleon cloaks are not effective against radar, x-ray, or gamma-ray sensors. They do hide the character from thermal infrared, however, by absorbing the character’s body heat into its heat sink. The cloak can only absorb a character’s body heat for one hour before it must emit this heat. Heat emission also requires one hour, during which time the character is easily visible in the thermal infrared spectrum.
  • Jump Boots, a pair of Carbon Fiber textured Jump Boots
      • 3HdLH.jpg
    • Adds +1/+1 to Armor (Like Helmets and Shields)
    • Doubles Jumping Distance
    • Adds +12 Meter to Running per Turn via Skips hops and leaps.

Starting Stats


Cognition (Cog) Coordination (COO) Intuition (INT) Reflex (REF) Savvy (SAV) Somatics (SOM) Will (WILL)
28 15 15 20+10 15 35 40
Initialtive (INIT) Lucidity Trauma Threhold Insanity Rating Moxie
9 80 16 160 10
Speed Durability Wound Threshold Death Rating, Bio Death Rating, Synth Damage Bonus
3+1 50 10 75 100 3


0 @-Rep Autonomists
0 c-Rep Hypercorps
0 e-Rep Ecologists
0 f-Rep Media
60 g-Rep Criminals
0 i-Rep Firewall
0 r-Rep Scientists
1 m-rep Mesh

Active Skills

Active Skills Total Starting Investment
Animal Handling 15 0
Beam Weapons 45 30
Blades 68 33
Climbing 35 0
Clubs 35 0
Control 40 0
Deception 44 29
Demolitions 28 0
Disguise 15 0
Exotic Melee: 35 0
Exotic Melee: 35 0
Exotic Ranged: 15 0
Exotic Ranged: 15 0
Flight 35 0
Fray 60 30
Free Fall 30 0
Freerunning 41 6
Gunnery 15 0
Hardware: Electronics 28 0
Hardware: Implants 28 0
Impersonation 15 0
Infiltration 20 5
Infosec 28 0
Interfacing 28 0
Intimidation 25 10
Investigation 20 5
Kinesics 60 45
Kinetic Weapons 50 35
Medicine: Implant Surgery 28 0
Medicine 28 0
Navigation 25 10
Networking: Autonomists 15 0
Networking: Scientists 15 0
Networking: Yet to Realize 15 0
Networking: Criminal 80 65
Palming 15 0
Perception 50 35
Persuasion 60 45
Pilot: Groundcraft 40 10
Pilot: Spacecraft 65 35
Programming 28 0
Protocol 15 0
Psi Assault 40 0
Psycho Surgery 15 0
Research 28 0
Scrounging 15 0
Seeker Weapons 15 0
Sense 15 0
Spray Weapons 15 0
Swimming 35 0
Throwing Weapons 15 0
Akido (Unarmed Combat) 40 5

Knowledge Skills

Academics: Biochemistry 28 0
Academics: Genetics 28 0
Academics: Pre-21th Century History 68 40
Academics: Psychology 43 15
Academic: 21th Century Computers 68 40
Academic: 21th Century Pop Culture 48 20
Art: SimulSpace Design 15 0
Art: 21th Century Earth 25 10
Art: 15 0
Art: 15 0
Interest: Lunar Habitats 28 0
Interest: /a/ 58 30
Interest: 28 0
Interest: 28 0
Language: 21th Century English 85 70
Language: 21th Century Mandarin 85 70
Language: German 15 0
Language: 21th Century Japanese 20 5
Language: 21th Century French 45 30
Profession: Border Control 54 26
Profession: XP Production 28 0
Profession: Smuggler 70 42
Profession: Trader 70 42