Brendo Beta Buenaluz III (Triple-B)


Now: Brendo Beta Buenaluz III (Triple-B) Brendo is the g** d** Batman. Skill mainly focused on Detective Skills, Fighting, Stealth and Infiltration.





Active Goals

  • Money
    • Expensive habits are expensive
    • Money brings security and freedom
  • Power
    • Money can be taken from you, power is true security
  • Women
    • Have a Octomorph that i can puppet and pleasure pods.

Goal Queue

  • Create a perfect Biomorph clone (similiar to James) in which to plug in the Original Brain of Brendo Z Buenaluz Jr
  • Create a hedonistic paradise for the original Brendo to live in.
  • Fame and Respect

Muse: Joan (Muse)


Older Pix

Joan is named after one of Brendo Beta Buenaluz III (Triple-B)'s favorite actress - Joan Cussack. She is the muse that handled Brendo Beta Buenaluz III (Triple-B)'s Ego's awakening process from deep cryogenics storage.

  • Named after one of Brendo's favorite actress Joan Cusack

  • General Joan tries not to let Goddess (Muse)' gloating get to her, but that is just a facade. She cannot "raise above it," and are often vexed and annoyed at Goddess' behavior.
    • This might be particularly related to their vastly different outlook on how to deal with their masters.

Brendo's Notes about Joan
  • You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope the train will take you, but you can't be sure. But it doesn't matter because we'll be together.

Ego Traits

Identity Traits

  • Identity: g-Rep 20 (Networking: Criminals)
  • Identity: f-Rep 20 (Networking: Media)
  • Identity: @-Rep 10 (Networking: Autonomists)

Morph Traits


It did not take long for Joan to notice the pattern that intergrating Brendo into a combat morphs inevitably let to armed takeover attempts or mass murder and Synth pods automatically leads to suicide.

After sequentially trying various Morphs she settled on a Futura variant - tailor made to smooth out Brendo's integration and acceptance of his new life. The Morph is tailored to enhance Brendo's confidence, self-reliance, and adaptability, and is a direct result of all the lessons learned from all previous and disastrous attempts.

Morph: g*% d@#! Batman

  • Tower of Will and PSI power cotained in 72 inches of flesh
  • Natural Armor: 2/4 (Bioweave)
    • Total Starting Armor with his Armored Smart Clothing: 7/8 (Energy/Kinetic)
    • +1/3 if wearing Second Skin Underwear (Body Suit)
    • +3/2 if activated Smart Skin
    • Total:11/13
  • ignore the –10 modifier from 3 wound levels
  • +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation
  • Immune to Vaccum (Vaccum Sealing)
  • Immune to all Chemical Toxins
  • Immune to all Biological Toxins
  • Lower all High Gravity Penalties by 1g
  • Equilvant protection against gases as Light Vaccum Suit (Oxygen Reserve)
  • Comfortably live in both high and low pressure environments (0.2 to 5)
  • Hold Breath for 30 min when on minimal activity, 10 min when strenous activity (enhanced respiratory)
  • 3 Hours of Oxygen Reserve (for normal humans, does not include enhanced respiratory bonus)
  • Only requires 2 hours of sleep (normal people need 4)
  • Can fall asleep and wake up instantly.
  • Can operate on a 4 day schedule (96 hours on 4 hours of sleep with no ill-effects) [Endocrine Control + Circadian Regulation]
  • 3 min to enter or leave Hibernation. 5% consumption of air, water, food. Can safely hibernate for 40 days without food or water.
  • +5 DUR (HIgh G)
  • +5 SOM (High G)
  • +1 Speed
  • +10 REF
  • +10 Social Rolls when [Trustworthy & Attractive] pharamones apply
  • +20 modifier to Deception Tests (Endocrin Control)
  • T-Ray (X-Ray) Vision for 100 meters
  • Ultrasonic sonar: 20 meters in air and 100 meters in water
  • Can sense/see all dangerous radiation
  • Can sense/see electric fields in 5m
  • See from Terahertz wave to gamma rays
  • vision have built in 5 power magnification
  • Hearing Range 2x Normal
  • Hearing Distance 5x Normal
  • Smell equal to a blood hound
  • Can identify people and chemicals by smell
  • +20 modifier to all Perception Tests involving hearing, smell, or sight
  • +20 to Perception/Kinestic test determing emotional states within 5 meters (Enhanced Smell)
  • +10 all repair, analyze, or modify electrical equipment (Electric Sense)
  • Innate sense of direction and distance
  • Can always retrace any route they have taken
  • only three-dimensional routes that lack navigational markers (such as deep space or undersea) apply a –30 modifier normal roll



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Starting Stats

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