Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Those with the previlage calls her "Cass"

Born in 2198, 12 years before the fall, Cass is the daughter of John Cassidy, a retired military sharpshooter turned peddler. He is famous for his helpful nature and his Nomad Caravan is a welcome site on the various Martian Terreforming Communes. John would take little Rose of Sharon with him on his many treks across Mars range from Amazonis Planitia to Utopia Planitia. While John is from Earth, Sharon's mother is a Martian Born Sufis Nomad. Unusually enough Sharon is not sleeved and instead is a natural born human.

When calls for help from Qurain came, Sharon was only 12, John packed up his rifle and left Sharon with his mother. While his caravan's intervention saved hundreds John did not survive the TITAN Invasion - leaving Cass with only a name, a pendant, his shooting skills, and a love for hard liquor.

Sharon's mom moved them to Ashoka with the rest of the rednecks and raised Sharon as best as she can. When Sharon was old enough she gathered some of her father's men and continued his legacy. Cassidy Caravans is reborn again, and started to travel the Mars outback. Firmly supporting the Movement Cass gained fame both for her hollow leg and her exceptional combat skills.

Recently however Cassidy's Caravan has gone under. A series of raider ambushes have greatly weakened the caravan, and the last attack near the edge of the TQZ killed everyone. Cass was found dying by the Martian Rangers and took 3 weeks in a Healing Vat to recover. Despondent over the terrible loss Cass has falling into the bottle.

Cass is smart, tough, straight forward, and steady with a gun, but she has not been savvy enough to survive the ruthlessness of the Hypercorp expansion into the Wasteland.


  • Cass has travel the Mar's outback since she was born. She knows almost everything there is to know about its geography and has some trivia about almost every location on mars.
  • Amusingly enough, Cass is quite famous to the various gangs that roam the Martial Outback. They often comment on her being a "Tough-looking woman, who aims for the crotch."
  • Being a Flat she has inherited her Mother's genetic condition: a weak heart.
  • Cass is highly suspicious of the "raider attacks" that doomed her caravan and intends to seek out the site of the last ambush. Unfortunately she barely managed to scourge enough creds together to pay for her medical fees and no longer have the capital (social or otherwise) to mount a expedition to the edge of the TQZ.

Skill:Beam Weapons 35, Climbing 25, Deception 45,
Demolitions 40, Fray 45, Freerunning 40,

Morph: Half-Flat, Mother is Flat (French/Morrocoan) Father is Exalt.



  • Cass' Moonshine Receipt
  • Rose Pendant: Inherited from her Father
  • 20th Centry Horween Cordovan Cowboy Hat: her prized possession
  • Ashoka Big Game Hunting Rifle: A Rail Sniper Rifle Variant, AP -15, DV 2d10+16 (avg 2%), Single Action, 10 Rounds, Range 1.5x
    • Come with Scope with same functionality as Spec
    • Smart Linkable
    • She uses Reactive Rounds most of the time, but carry 2 clips of AP rounds for Bots.
  • Vibro Machete: AP -2, DV 2d10 + (SOM ÷ 10) (avg 11 + (SOM ÷ 10))
    • These buzzing electronic blades vibrate at a high frequency for extra cutting ability. This has little extra effect when stabbing or slashing, but provides an extra –3 AP and +2d10 damage when carefully sawing through something.


Melee Attacks

  • Unarmed 45 (DV 1d10 + 2)

Range Attacks

  • Microwave Agonizer 40 (AP 0/–5, DV pain/2d10, Ammo 50)

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