Rosarita Cisneros

Rosarita Cisneros before her disappearance after breaching the Pandora Gate on Vulcan was already one of the most dangerous and powerful killers in the Solar system. She and her killer squad was the top eliminator the Ultimates had at their disposal. Personally verified to have killed over 100 valued targets, Rosarita never once failed to follow through on a kill. Her relentless drive to achieve her objective and her uncanny ability to locate her targets have earned her the monicker "Bloodhound of Florencia".

As an Ego her strength, endurance, and instinct are already honed to beyond transhuman levels. Put her in her custom fury morph she is all but unstoppable. A truly fearsome oppoenent Rosarita is mastery of a wide wariety of martial, stealth, and weapon skills. She is so fierce and unstoppable she is actually rumored to be "a killer robot from the future" a reference to a long ago popular movie franchise "Terminator", though other simply believe she is a SEED AI mutated abomination.

Whether the rumors are true or not however is moot. Rosarita did not return from her Gate Crashing and presumed to be dead.

  • Roberta
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  • Bloodhound of Florencia
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  • Unstoppable Killer Robot from the Future
Gears of Note


A body specifically built for the Ultimate Killer - Rosarita Cisneros, the Bloodhound of Florencia. It is a Unique Morph that is so beyond the scopes of Eclipse Phase Technolog, it minds well be from the future. It is made via a fusion of Alien, TITAN, and Hypercorp technology and is considered a Special "Pod" Morph - e.g. built from various Organic, Mechanical and Techno-Organic parts.

Special Morph Trait
Positive Morph Trait
Negative Morph Trait
  • Specifically designed for compatibility with Rosarita, she effectively have Ego Trait: Right at Home in regards to this specific morph.