Ling Min Mei (林明美)

Min Mei at the Station

She is an above average Indentured Infugee

One of the few lucky refugees who were able to Egocast from Earth during the Fall. Orphaned by the cataclysm, the 8 years Ling Min Mei struggled on, doing her best to honor her parent's memories. She grew up in the Lunar Virtual Refugee Center A5234 as an infomorph. She was well loved in this small backwater virtual town and won the Annual Miss Center-A5234 beauty pageant by a land-slide. This newly earned fame attracted the attention of a infomorph talent scout who convinced her that she can sign a 10 year contract of indentured servitude in exchange for a BioMorph and a Performance Contract. The 18 year old "future-model" eagerly accepted this unheard of opportunity with tears of joy running down her cheeks.

As with all things too good to be true, she was scammed. While she was still throwing off the disorientation of the integration process her first john forced himself on her. In the months that followed disobedience and resistance with methodically crushed via brutality and drugs. She was put to work on the alleys of Station 62234 LEFH's Red Light District. After only a year of ill use she was already dead inside. To protect herself her mind learned to detach itself from reality as the only way to endure the traumatic abuses she regularly undergoes. During moments of coherency she would count the days that remains. She just have to hold on for 9 more years! That is not all that long for virtual immortals.. right????!

She was in the midst of such a fuge episode, triggered by an particularly cruel customer, when James walked across her bleeding in an ally. He was just trying to avoid the rain1 and would have walked on. But he smell the blood and saw the horrible deadness of her. Such suffering on one so young touched him deeply. He had Goddess track down the pimp through the Mesh and arranged a secure deal to purchase the rest of her indentured term along with her Morph and all backups. The Pimp hid himself well, but was no match to Goddess's Mesh Skill. Thinking James was some Hypercorp Black Ops looking for a meat puppet, the pimp scarily agreed, and even offered a steep discount for James' trouble.

So finally Ling Min Mei is free, but she is utterly alone in the world and with a serious Crack addiction. Not wanting to leave things half finished, James invited her to go with them to Mars.

  • She is not an extra
  • Savvy of 18 (23 in current Morph): She was picked from the masses of desperate earth refugee infomorphs because her attractive personality
  • Willpower of 16 (Rolled d20 and got 19, so reduced it to 16)
  • Mental Disorder: Fuge, triggered whenever she is scared: The character enters into a fugue state where they display little attention to external stimuli. They will still function physiologically but refrain from speaking and stare off into the distance, unable to focus on events around them. Unlike catatonia, a person in a fugue state will walk around if lead about by a helper, but is otherwise unresponsive. The fugue state is usually a persistent state, but it can be an occasional state that is triggered by some sort of external stimuli similar to the original trauma that triggered the disorder.
  • Father is a famous bun maker in the Inner Mongolian Work Slums.
    • She still retains the Specialization in "Art:Cooking" - "Ling Family Secret Recipe Chinese Buns™"
  • There is little doubt Min Mei has suffered mental taruma and probably have some disorder
    • James sucessfully invoked sense of hope inside her.
  • Once arriving on Mars, she knows no one. She is also not a Mars citizen. So James took her in. In exchange she volunteered to cook for them.
  • Even though James want her to be independent and helped her start Nyan-Nyan Buns she remains severely attached to James.
Morph: Splicer (Chinese ethnic group, frozen at nubile age of 19)
  • +5 to Savvy
  • Basic BioMod (Bioware): The only implant the Morph came with. The pimp had to spring for this mod because it is required by law to board the station.
  • Basic Mesh Inserts (Cyberware): Isolation is a most important tool in Control. Plus it makes it less likely for them to get ideas. The Morph was grown without this implant ever installed.
  • Cortical Stack (Cyberware) Her pimp does not require her to grow as a person. So opted for the bare minimum needed for her to work the streets. She is well aware of that if she ever gets out of line, they will just retrieve the body and restore her to her "back up". The Morph was grown without this implant ever installed.
  • Scarification: Name of her pimp carved on her upper thigh. So everyone, most importantly her, knows who she belongs to.
    • This was healed/removed in the Medical Bay of the Starliner
  • Scent Alteration (Heavily Perfumed): Covers up any stink. Cheaper than Clean Matabolism and good enough for the types of customers the morph targets.
  • Morph Trait: Addiction (Moderate): Crack : Old tricks are often the best tricks, and Crack have been used to break the will of prostitutes centuries before the Fall. With modern technology Crack is now readily avalible to even the lowest thugs.
    • James paid for the Starliner's medical bay to purge the drugs from her system. Sucessfuly detoxing her without ill physical effects. Min Mei is well on the road to recovery.
    • James plans to enroll her in a professional rehab program once they arrive on Mars.
Notable Gear
  • Pan Sol™ Micrograv Shoes [Trivial, 50.00]: These shoes are equipped with velcro and/or a magnetic system, allowing the wearer to walk normally on appropriate surfaces in micrograv and zero-G environments, rather than floating or bouncing. [Trivial]
  • Pan Sol™ Smart Vac Clothing [Moderate, 1,000.00]: Like regular smart clothing, this outfit can also transform into a light vacsuit (p. 333). It also functions as armor, rating 2/4.
    • Smart Clothing: Smart clothing can change its color, texture, and even its cut, taking only a minute or two to transform from a solid color jumpsuit to a plaid party dress or a replica of a pinstriped, late 20th century business suit. It can also camouflage the wearer, providing a +20 bonus to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen, as long as the wearer is stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk, and as long as the wearer is completely covered or also using chameleon skin (p. 303) of the same color/pattern. If incompletely camouflaged, or if moving faster, reduce the modifier to +10. Smart clothing also keeps the character warm or cool, allowing the character to exist comfortably in environments from –40 to 70 C. [Low]
    • Most vacuum suits are skin-tight garments that use the pressure of their advanced smartfabrics on the wearer’s body to resist vacuum. When the wearer is in a breathable atmosphere, the smartfabric also loosens the suits to serve as ordinary clothing or be easily put on or taken off. In all cases, the suits can become skin-tight within 3 Action Turns. All vacsuits contain advanced rebreather units capable of maintaining a breathable atmosphere for several hours or days.
    • Light Vacsuit: Everyone living in a sealed habitat owns at least one of these suits. They come in a variety of forms. Inexpensive versions are typically lightweight jumpsuits made of simple smart fabric that adjusts to fit and folds up small enough to fit into a coat pocket. The best models include suits of high-end smart clothing that can transform into a vacsuit and an advanced nanotech generator the size of a large orange that deploy nanobots that cover the user and fit together into a vacuum suit. Both can transform into a vacsuit in 2 full Action Turns and do so either on command or if their sensors reveal that life support is needed. All models include a lightweight belt or torc containing a miniature oxygen tank and advanced rebreather unit that provides 3 hours of air. However, the suits contain no food or water recycling. All models include an ecto (p. 325) and a headlight, but typically little else beyond atmosphere sensors to let the wearer know when it is safe to take off the suit. They protect the wearer from temperatures from –75 to 100 C. These vacuum suits also provide an Armor rating of 5/5 and instantly self-seal breaches unless more than 20 points of damage are inflicted at once. [Low, Moderate for smartfabric suits]
  • Custom Luxe™ Ecto: Contact Lense and Earrings [Low, 250.00]: Ectos are the external version of basic mesh inserts (p. 300), minus the medical sensors. These colorful devices serve as a wearable mesh terminal, PDA, locator, and camera-phone. The devices are flexible (often worn as bracelets), dirt-resistant, self-cleaning, and may be stretched out to increase screen size. They may project holographic displays and are typically equipped with wireless-enabled glasses or contact lenses and decorative earpieces or earrings so that the user may access augmented reality. Given the ubiquity of mesh inserts, ectos are growing less common, but they are still used by bioconservatives, others without implants, and those who prefer to access the mesh via an external device for security concerns. [Low]

Resturant, Nyan-Nyan Buns


Nyan-Nyan Buns is the humble Food cart selling Buns at Nytrondheim. Originally thought of as just a means by which Ling Min Mei (林明美) reintergrates herself back into society, James never expected it to become a sensational hit. Min Mei's lovable personality and the deliciousness of the Ling Family Secret Recipe Chinese Buns™ made a welcoming combination. It became doubly so when the Buns became a stable food for Triad Gatherings.

Before the year was up there are more orders than Min Mei can satisfy. And true to her belief she started paying forward. She already hired a few down on their luck Synths/Uplifts who couldn't get job elsewhere and started to change the world, however minor, for the better.

Nyan-Nyan Jingle