Jade Orchid (玉蘭)


Jade Orchid is the right hand of Choi Ada (蔡少芬) and her Sworn Sister, along with Gold Orchid (金蘭)

  • Morph: Fury (Chinese Ethnicity)
  • She treats Ada as mistress more than Older Sworn Sister
  • She is trained to be ambidextrous
  • She is trained with the Unarmed Style - Wing Chun (詠春).
    • A Style formed by a young woman Yim Wing Chun (嚴詠春), the name sake of the style, at the time after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple and its associated temples by the Qing government.
    • Wing Chun literally means eternal spring or praising spring.
    • The style's most famous user is probably IP Man (BF 322 - BF 248) of Hong Kong.