Ho Yue Sheng (何月笙)


Popuarly known as the Black Dragon King (黑龍王) because his Morph is a 18' Naga/Dragonoid.

Notable Gear
  • Morph: The Black Dragon
    • A Combat Slitheroid Morph with a Skin Mask that resembles Dragon Scales
      • Vary large. Coiled Height is around 8', total length is around 18'
      • More durable than a Standard Slitheroid. About as tough as a Reaper Morph
      • More powerful than a Standard Slitheroid. Apt max is 40
      • Has a Built in "Fire Breath" - Flame Thrower
      • Has 4 Cyberlimb+ Arms that also have Pneumatic System built in.
      • Has a bite that also has the Pneumatic System
      • Has no built in armor, instead he wears custom made armor
      • 2 Retractable Smart Weapon Mount: 1 on each shoulder, smart material with no limit on firing arc (aside from his body getting in the way).
      • Scent Modification: Faint smell of blazing fire