Vanessa the Street Thug


The Fury Morph that should have gotten better behavorial conditioning and/or focused more on her Networking/Interfacing Skills.

  • Was named Victor as an Infomorph. Has been in the Fury Morph long enough to start having Identity Bleeding.
  • Became a small time gang enforcer and sleeved into an battleworn Fury Morph salvaged from the junk yards
  • Tried to mug Brendo Beta Buenaluz III (Triple-B) when he and James first arrived on the Station
Notable Gear
  • Morph: Fury
    • Morph Trait: Planned Obsolescence: Not so much planned as the morph is a junkyard salvage and is failing.
    • Ego Trait: Feeble (COG): Irraparable brain trauma (cause of death for the last inhabitant), this is normally a Ego Trait, but in this case it is applied to the Morph.
    • Morph Trait: Frail (Lvl 1): The morph was recovered too late. Some of the degeneration cannot be cost effectively rejuvinated even by nanosurgery. Thus it was junked.
Notable Skills
  • SOM: 20
  • REF: 30
  • COO: 15
  • * Blades: 60
  • Kinetic Weapons: 50
  • Fray: 55
  • Freerunning: 60
  • Unarmed: 50
  • Nurocham: +1 Speed
  • Enhanced Reflexes: +10 Ref +1 Speed
  • Durability: 50-5
  • Wound Threshold: -1 Penalty