Choi Ada (蔡少芬)


Choi Ada is both blessed and cursed. She is blessed with a a birth into a powerful family with near unlimited infulence but she is also cursed by a dominating and utterly merciless father.

She is the product of her father's conquest. A powerful Yakuza Boss' wife forced to be his mistress on top of her husband's still twitching corpse. After the point was proven the woman was tossed aside to live as living example of Choi Roy's influence and paraded when needed to cower any upstart. Eventually she bore him one child.

As soon as his paternity was confirmed Ada was stripped from her mother's arms and raised by one master after another and was sleeved into Fury even as a child. Bathed in blood and fire she grew to be one of Shui Fong Triad's top assassins.

When Choi Roy managed to acquire a mutagen robbed from a Hypercorp Research Project that supposedly endowed PSI powers he had a perfect test subject. The mutagen succeeded and Choi Ada became one of the most powerful Async in the System.

  • Daughter of The Shui Fong Dragon Head (??) Choi Roy (蔡江熙)
  • She is a The Shui Fong Triad (水房幫) member
  • She was trained along with a batch of other chinese girls hand picked for their
    • She eventually formed a sworn sisterhood with her 2 closest associates: Jade Orchid (玉蘭) and Gold Orchid (金蘭)
    • Though the 2 treats her as more mistress than Eldest Sworn Sister
    • She favors the color purple, one of her call sign is Purple Orchid (??)
    • The 3 Sworn Sister have the moniker the Orchids Sisters (???).
  • She is Chinese-Japanese and in the World of Triad that is a HUGE deal. However the topic of her heritage only came up negatively once.

  • She is trained to be ambidextrous
  • Master of Kinetic Weapons, Blades, and Unarmed Combat
  • She is trained with the Unarmed Style - Wing Chun (??).
    • A Style formed by a young woman Yim Wing Chun (???), the name sake of the style, at the time after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple and its associated temples by the Qing government.
    • Wing Chun literally means eternal spring or praising spring.
    • The style's most famous user is probably IP Man (BF 322 - BF 248) of Hong Kong.
Notable Possession
  • Morph: Fury (Japanese Ethnicity)
    • Her father was never kind to her, and decided to mark her in the Triad world as much as Sue's father marked him.
  • A Restored 2187 Lotus Evora named "la comtesse rouge"
PSI Powers
  • PSI Active (Lvl 1+Special)
    • Her PSI activation brought out her deep hatred of her father into a murderous rage. Fortunately she was captured and treated. While this repaired her psychosis, she never forgotten the emotions she felt at that moment. She now wishes to kill her father of her own will.
    • Mostly considered PSI Trait Level 1, with 2 Unique PSI powers (see below)

PSI Delta: PSI Blade


This power is Choi Ada (蔡少芬)'s unique PSI Stab. She can project from each arm (usually from the wrist or her closed fingers) a beam of purple energy that is only visible to those with Radiation Sense (or equilvant) Optics. It is functionally the same as a PSI Stab attack, but is sustained and has a range of 4'.

PSI TYPE: Active
DURATION: Sustained

ACTION: Complex

SKILL: Unarmed

PSI Sword is an sustained power that arguments her unarmed combat skill. It inflicts direct damage to the target's brain and nervous system. Each successful attack inflicts 1d10 + (WIL ÷ 10, round up) damage. Increase the damage by +5 if an Excellent Success (MoS of 30+) is scored.

  • Unlike other Sustained PSI Powers, this power does not impart a distraction penalty of -10 when sustained.
    • However the Character roll PSI Strain every minute the power is sustained
  • The Range of this attack is capped at 4' as it is a physical blade. It does not increase against a Async.
  • The Attack is also no longer "Touch" there for the +20 Attack bonus no longer apply
  • Beam of purple energy is only visible to those with Radiation Sense (or equilvant) Optics

PSI Delta: Mind Probe


This is a far more powerful form of Deep Scan. It has a longer range (2x the Close Range for PSI powers) and more strain (1 higher). The higher strain means it is not a power to be wantonly used.

PSI TYPE: Active
DURATION: Sustained

ACTION: Complex

RANGE: Double Close
SKILL: Sense

Deep Scan is a more intrusive version of Thought Browse (p. 228), made to extract information from the targeted individual. If the Opposed Test succeeds, the async telepathically invades the target’s mind and can probe it for information. For every 10 full points of MoS the async achieves on their test, they retrieve one piece of information. Each item takes one full Action Turn to retrieve, during which the sleight must be sustained. The target is aware of this mental probing, though they will not know what information the async acquired.