James' Notes on Goddess
  • Spunky, Vain, and Hyper-Competitive
  • James consider her more a partner and not as owner/master

[Character Generation]

  • Seems to have a fierce rivalry with Joan (Muse)
    • She seems particularly proud that James calls her Goddess and Joan is named after a mortal.
  • Her code for answers she is not allowed to say is "Move alone Citizen"
  • Goddess have been expressly forbidden from lying to or misleading James
  • Goddess have been expressly forbidden from censoring information fed to James

[Pre-Start Session 01]

  • Goddess was very supportive and overjoyed when James went out of his way to help Random Stranger.
  • Goddess tipped James off about the Shuttle Exploding out of sight
    • Joan did not tip Brendo off
  • It seems that Goddess and Joan are entirely different class of Muse than normal. Min Mei's muse is just a icon that goes Yes/No. It has no personality nor originality.
    • GM have confirmed to players that Goddess and Joan are more robust than typical AIs and that concealed in the player's Cortical stacks is a undetectable Ghost Rider Unit for the Muse AI.