James X's Goals

Active Goals

  • Track down David's Relatives and return the Leather Bound Collector's Edition of "The Count of Monte Cristo", unabridged
    • Goddess tracked down the last known location of David's descendant to the Megatropolis of Los Angeles of the New California Republic
      • They did not seem to have made it off planet, and is unknown if they - or their children - are still alive
    • James will be planning to break quarentine of Earth on the off chance they are still alive
      • James' own extended descendants and their remains have all successfully made it off
  • Visit Earth to get closure
    • David mentioned that we would need an entire group to sucessfully pull this off
    • A real magical sword awaits James on the planet
  • Be like Lord Genome: Might need to invent telekinetic PSI powers - PSI Epsilon and the corresponding PSI Trait (Lvl 4)
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  • Help Ling Min Mei (林明美) achieve finanicial and personal independence.
    • help her, along with her attending therapy, with her traumatic experience
      • James can use Academic:Psychology to do this himself, just need to succeed at a 40 hour task action.
    • help her start the "Nyan-Nyan" resturant
      • Start with a little food cart selling Buns at Nytrondheim
    • help her become a citizen somewhere
      • With the intervention of Xiong Chan (熊強) Min Mei is granted Mars Citizenship all that remains is for her to secure-sign™ the paperwork
  • Help the Mars underclass with their Morph Trait: Planned Obsolescence
    • Goddess revealed the plight of the Mars Biomorphs and the gene flaw deliberately implanted by the Hypercorps
  • Look into who was behind the blundering effort at either kidnapping or assassination of him at the Orbital Elevator

Goal Queue

  • Spent some time with the French Speaking Arabian Night-ish Nomade of Mars
  • Avoid ego corruption for Goddess
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