g*% d@#! Batman


It did not take long for Joan to notice the pattern that intergrating Brendo into a combat morphs inevitably let to armed takeover attempts or mass murder and Synth pods automatically leads to suicide.

After sequentially trying various Morphs she settled on a Futura variant - tailor made to smooth out Brendo's integration and acceptance of his new life. The Morph is tailored to enhance Brendo's confidence, self-reliance, and adaptability, and is a direct result of all the lessons learned from all previous and disastrous attempts.

Morph: g*% d@#! Batman

  • Tower of Will and PSI power cotained in 72 inches of flesh
  • Natural Armor: 2/4 (Bioweave)
    • Total Starting Armor with his Armored Smart Clothing: 7/8 (Energy/Kinetic)
    • +1/3 if wearing Second Skin Underwear (Body Suit)
    • +3/2 if activated Smart Skin
    • Total:11/13
  • ignore the –10 modifier from 3 wound levels
  • +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation
  • Immune to Vaccum (Vaccum Sealing)
  • Immune to all Chemical Toxins
  • Immune to all Biological Toxins
  • Lower all High Gravity Penalties by 1g
  • Equilvant protection against gases as Light Vaccum Suit (Oxygen Reserve)
  • Comfortably live in both high and low pressure environments (0.2 to 5)
  • Hold Breath for 30 min when on minimal activity, 10 min when strenous activity (enhanced respiratory)
  • 3 Hours of Oxygen Reserve (for normal humans, does not include enhanced respiratory bonus)
  • Only requires 2 hours of sleep (normal people need 4)
  • Can fall asleep and wake up instantly.
  • Can operate on a 4 day schedule (96 hours on 4 hours of sleep with no ill-effects) [Endocrine Control + Circadian Regulation]
  • 3 min to enter or leave Hibernation. 5% consumption of air, water, food. Can safely hibernate for 40 days without food or water.
  • +5 DUR (HIgh G)
  • +5 SOM (High G)
  • +1 Speed
  • +10 REF
  • +10 Social Rolls when [Trustworthy & Attractive] pharamones apply
  • +20 modifier to Deception Tests (Endocrin Control)
  • T-Ray (X-Ray) Vision for 100 meters
  • Ultrasonic sonar: 20 meters in air and 100 meters in water
  • Can sense/see all dangerous radiation
  • Can sense/see electric fields in 5m
  • See from Terahertz wave to gamma rays
  • vision have built in 5 power magnification
  • Hearing Range 2x Normal
  • Hearing Distance 5x Normal
  • Smell equal to a blood hound
  • Can identify people and chemicals by smell
  • +20 modifier to all Perception Tests involving hearing, smell, or sight
  • +20 to Perception/Kinestic test determing emotional states within 5 meters (Enhanced Smell)
  • +10 all repair, analyze, or modify electrical equipment (Electric Sense)
  • Innate sense of direction and distance
  • Can always retrace any route they have taken
  • only three-dimensional routes that lack navigational markers (such as deep space or undersea) apply a –30 modifier normal roll