I am not one given to self-indulgence — virtual immortality, in me, has produced a certain asceticism — but when I’m in the mood for it, gluttony is far and away my deadly sin of choice. One can fake it with a fabricator, but if you prefer your food cooked by a human (or a pod, at least), Nytrondheim is the only place in the solar system where one can breakfast on ouitsmijter, lunch on crepes or croque monsieur, dine on tapas, and finish off over solid, brown beer in an honest-to-God-and-the-King English pub. It makes continuing to live worth doing, even though on the way one is assaulted with a haze of AR graphics inviting one to various scandalous and anatomically improbable entertainments, the beratement of Marxist Barsoomian street agitators, and a profusion of video walls and ads for new vidgames and XPs that make old New York’s Times Square look dim and staid.

Aside from being a place where one can eat well, Nytrondheim is the city’s entertainment and media district, and at night it is swarmed by Valles-New Shanghai’s glitterati (and also-rans) as they flit from theaters to chic nightclubs. Many of the buildings here are fine examples of the European Genomist style that developed just before the Fall. The style views buildings as organisms whose shapes develop from a sort of architectural DNA rather than an overall design; many of them look more grown than built. A genomist building does not so much have a ventilation system as it breathes, and some of the buildings may even be observed to have slow, gentle movement to them. The style and the construction techniques underlying it were strongly influential in the development of newer organic constructions, such as Hamilton cylinder habitats.

Experia, Boba, Traumwerken, Savage, Red Five, Arnault-Kieselhurst-Patrick, and a host of other media companies and ad agencies have their headquarters or local offices here. Every one of these blood drinkers bears watching. Their interest in AGI, singularity forecast simulations, memetic warfare (in the guise of viral marketing), and repurposing old military intel and even TITAN technologies for gaining greater market penetration makes them incredibly dangerous.


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