Lunar-Jovian Hyper Lane


The Lunar-Jovian Hyper Lane is one of the wonders of the Solar System. A massive network of Acclerator stations that greatly acclerates anything that pass through its gugantuan coils. Along the trajectory are Repulsion Satellites that maintains overlapping magnetic bottles to keep the space inside as "vaccum" as possible. In addition to maintaining the most optimial conditions for relativistic speed travel the Satillites also subtly shift the ship's direction - in effect act like Switches to guide a ship to the correct network nodes.

This hugely expensive network is mintained by ALL the Hypercorps and is a non-profit organization. It is of such importance that no one is allowed to gain sole control. Thus while all Hypercorp wish to achieve this singular aim, their peers renders the dream impossible.

This Network effectively cuts travel time to major locations in the Inner System (Sun to Jupiter) by Half.

  • Each Hypercorp provides security for the Stations and Satillite in their domain - paid for by their stipen of the Hyper Lane Tolls.
    • A Hypercorp Destroyer Wing is always patrolling the Space close to a Acclerator Station.
    • Most Hyper Corp maintain their HQ near Major Node Stations - and naturally their security overlaps.
  • Terrorism and Sabotage is rapant but only makes up a small fraction of total traffic.
  • No interaction are allowed with the Satalites or Stations.
    • Ships only pass through the coils and never dock with the station or satalites. Unauthorized docking are met with lethal force without any warning. The moment you cross the holographic boarders, all weapon systems will engage.
    • Separate, independently operated [from Hyper Lane Organization), Stations in the vicinity provides any docking needs.
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