Casino Lisboa Station (葡京娛樂場)

While owned and operated by the 14k Triad, Casino Lisboa is a legitimate business enterprise. It is a major trade center and one of the major hubs of the Lunar-Jovian Hyper Lane. It is home to around 500 million registered residents and hosts to around 30 millions visitors a year.

The station is designed for catering to every demography with the upper tiers exclusive to the super wealthy a literal paradise of hedonism and vice. As one descend the Central Lift the entertainment gets progressively cheaper and the surrounding less pristine.

To ensure the smooth operation the 14k Triad put their most effective boss to oversee this endeavor. With a literal army under his command Xiong Chan, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, has ruthlessly crushed any inkling of trouble and made it clear that any transgression, however minor, will be gleefully treated as an invitation to top the last virtuoso performance in retaliation. Xiong Chen is so effective that even organizations such as Firewall and Direct Action are reluctant to start trouble here.

Notable Locations