Setting Modifications

Bio, Synth, and Info-Morphs pecking order

To make the social divide in the game system viable the difference between the different morphs are pronounced.

Biomorph - the highets grade and you can feel all the textures of every sensation. The taste of wine on your tongue, the feeling of wind on your skin, etc.

Synthmorph - Sensations in a Synth Body is more data than feeling. You have some basic sensation of pain and pressure but the fine details are all numerical/graphical detail in the Minds Eye.

  • This might even more higher bonuses than biomorphes, but the sensation is not there.
    • e.g. Data's senses are more acute than any human but he lacks the raw "sensation" of a biomorph.

Infomorph - Info morphs are almost like Biomorphs with the exception that you are still stuck in a simulated world. A Simulated space can range from basic 2-D game like to an experience so life like that it is impossible to tell if you are in the Real World or the Mesh. 99.9% of Simulspace is the standard interactive video versions. But even the most masterfully designed simulspace is just that… a simulation and there are finite limits. Just as a video game no matter how immersive still has a ending and a pre-set storyline. Given enough resources and AGI intervention one can theoretically create a experience that may equal to the Real World but no one has the networking space or the time to do this besides the TITANs.

Fudging of Travel Time

Since exact realism is not the purpose of this campaign, travel time between planets will be using "average" times. Since in Real life travel time between planets have wide set of variables - the most dramatic being the distance of the planets at any given time.

This, vastly inaccurate, travel time calculator will be used if one needs an actual number.

Reduced Prevalence of Nano Manufacturing

The prevalence of Nano Manufacturing has been scaled back. It is still used for manufacturing but only on large scale operations. Everyday people no longer have access to General Fabricators and unlimited resources. Though everyday dispensers still exist, such as Disgusting Nutritive Paste Dispensers. The over all End Product made via Nano-technology is not decreased, since the major manufacturing outfits can support/possess the devices, but these products would no longer be nano manufactured by every mom and pap store on a cart by the street corner.

This means the availability of high difficulty Nano-based equipment will be lessened - such as most Nanowares.

This also translates to a more standard market of storing Goods as opposed to raw materials. Warehouses and Ships now carry actual finished goods (or spare parts) as opposed to just raw elemental material and a blue print.

This serves to makes commerce more complicated and diverse and can now be participated by nearly anyone - and not just the technologically endowed.

The most important impact is that it makes the outer system less Utopian and more inline with the inner system. They still have reputation based economy but their living standards is no longer overwhelmingly Star Trek. Greed and Limited Resources will now have a more significant cause for their internal conflicts.

PSI Modifications

Watts-MacLeod Strain and PSI

Whatever the Watts-MacLeoid Strain does to the transhuman psych is not quantifiable by current scientific models - one can evn say it is as if it were magical!

Whatever the change, the modification done to the Cortical Information is not repeatable. A PSI Active Person can sleeve into any organic morph and have access to his PSI powers. At the same time his Forks would not - even if the forks were made after the PSI Active exposure to the Watts-MacLeod Exsurgent Virus.

Thus at any given time there are only 1 PSI Active persona for that exposure exists. As long a he remains functional no other copies of him would have access to his powers. These Forks/Backups however can achieve their own PSI Activation by exposure to the virus again, but it would be a brand new exposure and not a clone of their original exposure.

Should an PSI Active Person die, his next re-sleeve would gain his powers - assuming the restoration is from a copy of his Cortical Information post exposure. Should he have no post-exposure back up, then that specific collection of PSI powers would be lost.

PSI: Delta

The Addition of PSI Delta, which is a level of power between Gamma and Epsilon. It is just slightly more powerful Gamma Slight - higher range, slightly more dmg, etc. and does not go beyond the functionality of Gamma Slights.

PSI Delta is Considered PSI (Lvl 3) and cost 30 CP
PSI Delta being a level 3 trait would have 3 Disorders
PSI Delta Slights will be highly regulated by the GM

Spoiler: Exsurgent Gama Slights are now considered Delta Slights

PSI: Epsilon

PSI: Epsilon are now PSI (Lvl 4) and breaks the rules of physics. They are essentially…. "magical" in function. Summoning Fire, forming force fields, teleport, etc.

Unlike the lesser PSI levels, achieving PSI: Epsilon does not gain an additional Disorder on top of the 3 for PSI: Delta.

Spoiler: There are no change to availability of PSI: Epsilon to non-exsurgent beings.

House Rules for Eclipse Phase

Addition of p-Reputation (Paragon) and its linked "Networking: Underclass" Skill

This is a derivate of the Media Reptutation, as it applies to the underclass (such as indentured infomorphs and such). It is a distinct social group than the public masses who takes freedom and mesh access as unalienable rights.

Paragon Reputation is similiar to Guanxi (Crime) in the sense that they are both street creds.