Jump Boots


Based on Powersuits and Mobility Frame in Gate Crasher Book, Pg. 164

Cost: Trivial

The cheaper alternative to the Mobility Frame, which has a cost of Low.

  • Adds +1/+1 to Armor (Like Helmets and Shields)
  • Thrust Vector, thus only works while there are something to vector - such as Atmosphere or Liquid.
    • Has internal compressed storage for 30 minutes of vectoring in space.
  • Doubles Jumping Distance
  • Adds +12 Meter to Running per Turn via Skips hops and leaps.
  • The Boots has built in balance enhancing software and automatically adjust the vector of the thrusts to a balanced take off. no modifier to the jump action.
  • The Boots are powered by a pair of tiny nuclear battery that allow it to operate continuously for three years.