iTransport Generation XXXXXVII


Passenger Capacity Handling Armor Durability Wound Threshold
200 20 750 150

A standard Transport is one of the most common freighter and passenger vessel in the solar system. While egocasting is by far the most common form of inter-habitat transport, some people prefer to travel by ship and others do not wish to leave their current morph behind. In addition, some goods are easier or cheaper to physically transport rather than duplicating their templates. As a result, standard transports regularly travel to and from every large habitat and inhabited planet and moon in the solar system. These are modern fusion-drive ships that offer fast and comfortable travel for passengers as well as relatively swift transport for small cargoes.

One of the additional benefits of the standard transport is the fact that it contains four separate passenger compartments, each of which is mounted on a 90 meter-long booms that can extend and rotate to simulate gravity. When rotating at a comfortable 2 rpm, passengers experience Mars level gravity. Typically, the gravity maintained in these pods starts at the local gravity (or Mars gravity, if the local gravity is higher) and over the course of the journey gradually increases or decreases to the gravity of the destination. However, these pods cannot rotate to produce gravity higher than that found on Mars.

  • State of the art new Model, only made at Lunar Shipyard
  • Retail at 4,000,000
  • Maximum Morph Passenger: 200
  • Maximum Infomorph Passenger: 1000
  • The Average travel time between Mars and Lunar would be ~13 days

Important Systems


Newest Model of Hypercorp Fusion Drive

  • Similar to a plasma rockets, fusion rockets require significantly higher temperatures and pressures, and the rocket also produces large amounts of power for the spacecraft. Fusion rockets are now the most common form of propulsion for spacecraft designed for long-distance voyages.
  • Average speed is a impressive 10% increase over a standard fusion drive.


Mesh Daemon AF11 SP2.2

  • A Local Network
  • Is also a Mesh Simulated Space
    • Contains vast array of data banks and themes
    • Sufficient to create a acceptable experience for those who are mesh dependent
  • Can hold ~1000 Infomorphs


Cryo Storage and Resleeving Systems

  • Automated Storage and Resleeving system
  • 100 independently powered pods


Medical Bay

  • Fully stocked medical bay with complete stock of chemical and medicine for the Ship's class.
  • 3 Healing Vats for Medical Use
  • Integrated Medical AGI able to handle all common medical emergencies


Built in SLOTV

  • 3 passenger
  • Metallic-Oxygen Rocket
    • Enough to escape the gravity well of all the Planets in the Solar system - Including Jupiter