Executive Playmate

Manufactured by the microcorp Playboy™ on Titan, the Executive Playmate is a robot that combines the functions of both a Servitor and a Guardian Angel Bot. It is widely popular in some circle and due to its [relatively] cheap cost is often used by junior executives for both companionship and Personal Protection.

There exists 2 types of Executive Playmates.

The Playmate of the Century Edition is limited, each are serialized and have proof of authenticity built into their cyberbrains. Each of these comes with an enhanced AGI that is advertised to be "life like" and comes with an complete Skin Mask. Each order of a Playmate of the Year comes with a comprehensive personality test to determine the appearance of the final product. The product comes with life-time guarnetee and includes a yearly "make over" at no cost. [Expensive, 80,000+]

The Standard Playmate is mass produced on an assembly line and are more or less identical to each other. The partial Skin mesh (Torso, face, upper thigh) vary slightly by size and shade, and is the only thing that distinguish one playmate from each other. Though additional package can be gotten that "personalize" each playmate the level of customization only extents to skin mesh. Unlike the Playmate of the Century Edition, the standard playmate does not include a Cyberbrain System. Thus they cannot be sleeved into and can at the very most be jammed like other Drones.


Moderate/High for Standard Model, Expensive for Playmate of the Year Edition


Mobility System: Walker (2 Legs)
Movement: Walker 4/20 (8/40 for Playmate of the Century)
Maximum Velocity: 40 (80 for Playmate of the Century)
Armor: 8/8 (14/14 for Playmate of the Century)
Durability: 40
Would Threshold: 8

  • Access Jacks
  • 360-Degree Vision
  • Enhanced Vision
  • T-Ray Emitter

Additional Systems in Playmate of the Year Edition

  • +5 REF
  • Neurachem
  • Light Combat Armor
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Smell
  • Lidar

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