Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王)


In the Buddhist faith, the Four Heavenly Kings are four guardian gods, each of whom watches over one cardinal direction of the world. In the Triad Society the Four Heavenly Kings are the 4 most powerful operators who are tasked by the Dragon Council to "harmonize" all aspects of Triad Society.

While they are still answerable to their individual Sects, any task they undertake on behalf of the Dragon Council are answerable to the Elders alone. The Four Heavenly Kings are given enormous respect within the Society and have the power of summary execution over any but the Dragon Heads. This power however are not used without serious consideration for in a society completely based on family a careless slight could have serious repercussions.

Mama Wu (五媽)

More commonly known as the 5th Matriarch. She is one of the eldest member of the Triad Society and is connected everywhere and to everyone. Her celebrity have been white hot even before the fall yet she just gets more and more popular each year.

Xiong Chan (熊強)

The legendary Bear of Mars and the commander of the Pai Gow (牌九). It is often sincerity when someone says to Chan, "Your name is like a Thunder in my Ears." The youngest of the 4 Heavenly King he is without doubt the Star of the Future.

Ho Yue Sheng (何月笙)

In the world of Modern Triad, 2 family have the highest seniority. One is the Xiong family (whose family fortune inevitably takes the entire Triad Society with it). The other is the Ho Family, which can trace its lineage back to one of the Four Fathers. Raised since birth to be his elder brother's right arm, Ho Yue Sheng did not disappoint. Honorable to the extreme, Ho Yue Shen is the example of Scholar Warrior Seeking Peace. He is a larger than life character that invokes loyalty and devotion with effortless ease. Under his influence a new awakening of virtue and temperance have been shown in the upcoming generation, and already the Triad have started to take on more social responsibility to the community at large.

Wu Yin Pal (無影漂)

Wu Yin Pal (無影漂)'s name is literally transladed as "Floating without Shadows". As the name suggests Wu Ying Pal is a shadow and operates mostly in the Mesh. His genius is what makes The Sun Yee On Triad Sect's Mesh operation so successful. Wu Yin Pal is more of a mrecenary however and does consulting work for all the major Triad Groups.