Nyan-Nyan Buns


Nyan-Nyan Buns is the humble Food cart selling Buns at Nytrondheim. Originally thought of as just a means by which Ling Min Mei (林明美) reintergrates herself back into society, James never expected it to become a sensational hit. Min Mei's lovable personality and the deliciousness of the Ling Family Secret Recipe Chinese Buns™ made a welcoming combination. It became doubly so when the Buns became a stable food for Triad Gatherings.

Before the year was up there are more orders than Min Mei can satisfy. And true to her belief she started paying forward. She already hired a few down on their luck Synths/Uplifts who couldn't get job elsewhere and started to change the world, however minor, for the better.

Nyan-Nyan Jingle